The new mayor of Tower Hamlets has confirmed the South Quay Development Masterplan has been put on hold.

The plans to manage the scale of building work in an area just south of Canary Wharf over the next few years were originally given the go-ahead by former mayor Lutfur Rahman.

But the plan was met with fierce criticism from councillors and residents, who claimed not enough was mentioned on how the council would offset the huge strain on the area’s already creaking infrastructure.

Mayor John Biggs, who took over at the Town Hall in June, confirmed the masterplan, which has cost more than £150,000 to put together already, will be “paused” while his administration looks into the concerns.

He said: “Development on the Isle of Dogs is a contentious issue and as a new administration who were not directly involved in the formation of this policy we wanted to take a quick pause to see if it needed any further consideration.

“There is concern in the area about dense developments and lack of infrastructure investment. It seemed sensible to take a quick look.

“This document will not be able to fundamentally change those policies which are set in the main planning policies of the council and at City Hall but can help set the tone on the detail and as such is important. I anticipate a quite short pause.”

Canary Wharf councillor Andrew Wood welcomed the announcement, as he believed the colossal scale of development was unrealistic.

“The project is already two years late,” he said. “There is nothing in the plan about infrastructure, such as transport or schools.”

He said another issue was density, and that the plan in its current form would raise housing density to more than 500% above the maximum recommended in the London Plan.

“They [the council] have already spent £150,000 on it, so they can’t throw it away,” he added.

“But I think they have realised this plan needs a bit more looking at.”