Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs has hit out at the Prime Minister's stance on Islamic extremism suggesting David Cameron's remarks might cause people to be inappropriately labelled.

During a speech in Birmingham, David Cameron suggested the rise in UK-based extremism arose from cultural sensitivities and a lack of vigilance in society.

But at a press briefing on Monday, July 20, Mr Biggs said: “When David Cameron speaks as he does, there is a risk people will be labelled in a way that is inappropriate.

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“In Tower Hamlets we have a relatively peaceful borough – people know what is right and what is wrong.

“Young people will always be vulnerable to wicked ideas, and I do believe Isis is wicked and divisive and that kind of thing doesn’t get us anywhere.

“But the fact that the spread of Isis is such a worldwide problem means it is not something we can just tackle by looking at Tower Hamlets.”