Mayor John Biggs was forced to deny suggestions of a rift within his own party at a council meeting.

Rumours of internal disagreements within mayor Biggs’s cabinet were rife as the Tower Hamlets Council meeting began on Wednesday November 18, and Independent councillors were only too happy to attack.

During a discussion on the proposed Whitechapel Civic Centre, Cllr Oliur Rahman (Ind, Stepney Green) suggested Cllr Rachael Saunders could be running to be Labour mayor by the time work begins.

Cllr Saunders (Lab, Mile End East) said she was “comfortable” with John Biggs as mayor and said she had no plans to run for the seat herself.

Cllr Rahman hit back by suggesting she may run to be a local MP in the next general election instead.

She laughed off the claim, before responding: “Why are you so interested in me? It’s really weird.”

Mayor Biggs said he was happy with Cllr Saunders’s work in his cabinet.