What’s the story?




Tower Bridge?

Tower Hamlets Borough Council.

I kinda knew that but I was hoping…

Don’t hope, this is Tower Hamlets Borough Council. Despair Ye All Who Enter Here is the council motto.

What now?

There are moves to deselect John Biggs as mayor.

Already! Haven’t the people of Tower Hamlets had enough of Labour Party infighting and splinter groups and factions and politicking? Didn’t we decide, thanks to some courageous citizens and a perspicacious judge, that the Lutfur Rahman years were just a bad dream ?

That did happen, yes.

And didn’t the fed-up people of Tower Hamlets looking in their Dictionary Of Political Idioms under “right man for the job” and “firm hand on the tiller” see a picture of John Biggs ?

They did, yes, only I suspect the Dictionary Of Political Idioms is just a figment of your imagination.

I see that, yes, under F. The point being, after the lunacy of Lutfur , wasn’t pragmatic, unassuming, empty-the-bins, work-with-the-commissioners John Biggs the right man at the right time?

Yes, but…

… But this is Tower Hamlets. *Sigh*

Yes. The council is not a public servant but a tax-funded playpen in which indulged activists foster instability to pander to egos and push agendas wholly unconnected with rubbish collecting and entirely to do with politics – usually racial. In fact, the only reason bins get emptied in Tower Hamlets is because some grubby and delusional no-hoper is chucking out all the fried chicken wrappers looking for dirt to stick on an opponent.

Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs welcomed the new hopper fare

OK, so tell me exactly what’s happening.

A series of trigger elections is occurring so Labour’s mayoral candidate can be put in place in good time for the 2018 elections. It has been accompanied by the usual vituperative name-calling and tedious in-fighting. Indeed, if someone – probably John Biggs – is not labelled a racist at some point then I shall consider the whole thing a phony. If we don’t get genuine poison in Tower Hamlets, what’s become of us?

Surely elections sound civilised?

If I tell you that protests have already gone to Labour HQ over the chaos, one ballot being rendered invalid because 80 votes were cast.

… Don’t tell me…

… And there were only 67 registered members.

And presumably John Biggs is floating above this all serenely.

He’s been caught in the crossfire, naturally. The anti-Biggs faction have accused his campaign team of intimidation, bullying, harassment and blackmail. Some in the Labour Party want to suspend the elections altogether and launch an independent inquiry.

So give me a worst case scenario.

According to Ted Jeory’s ever-insightful blog , he paints a picture in which Rabina Khan, a Lutfur mentee who stood against John Biggs for the mayoralty as part of Rahman’s rump Independent Group (Non-Prison Section) – is welcomed back into the Labour fold and beats her old foe to run the council – presumably at speed and into a brick wall.

I think I’m going to be sick.

Don’t use a waste bin. They’re full.