Tower Hamlets Council, has spoken out on the government’s plans to change funding for schools.

After plans to redistribute school funding were set out in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, Tower Hamlets believes could see a large proportion of its funding for schools cut, and has slammed George Osborne’s plans.

Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs said: “A good education can transform lives. It opens doors to career choices that lift people out of the poverty trap.

"The government’s plans to change its funding formula for schools could impact negatively on children from the most deprived backgrounds across the UK – including Tower Hamlets.”

Deputy mayor and cabinet member for education and children’s services Cllr Rachael Saunders said: “We have an excellent relationship with our schools in Tower Hamlets.

"That solid foundation has fostered a commitment to educational excellence. The government’s plans in the Autumn Statement could undermine our ability to deliver vital education services to our young people across the borough.”

The government said the new formula for school funding would set a budget based on individual pupils, with extra resources going to those most in need. However, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) told the BBC the reallocation could mean a big loss of funding for some areas, particularly London boroughs.

“There are no winners and losers under the government’s funding proposals - there are only losers and even bigger losers,” said the NUT’s Kevin Courtney.

The government has said that the new formula will start to be introduced from 2017.