Tower Hamlets Council will soon provide more information on how it spends taxpayers’ money.

Councillors have launched the Overview And Scrutiny Transparency Commission with the aim of identifying actions the authority should take to improve openness and accountability.

The move comes after the previous regime, under disgraced mayor Lutfur Rahman, was criticised for its secrecy. The former mayor refused to speak in public or attend meetings to explain his actions.

All the candidates in May's election pledged to be more open in their dealings.

As part of its work the commission will take evidence from journalists, council officers, the mayor, national organisations and other interested parties.

The commission was created by the council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee and began its work on Monday, July 27.

Committee chairman Cllr John Pierce said: “We all want to move the council forward to enable it to become a beacon for transparency, openness and accountability.

“Over the coming months the commission will investigate and discuss ideas and make recommendations for the new mayor to implement.

“Last year, the previous mayor did not attend any spotlight sessions.

“We need to make transparency a default on all decision-making. We need to improve our council’s constitution to ensure no representative or decision maker within the council can ever evade public scrutiny again.”

As a result the committee’s meetings in September, October and November will focus on transparency, openness and accountability in the council.