Tower Hamlets Council will pay for 14 police officers to tackle drug use, crime and anti-social behaviour on estates across the borough.

The council, who already pay for six officers, has also pledged funding for more mobile security patrols to provide a visible police presence on estates as part of a £2.5 million investment into Tower Hamlets police over the next three years. The 14 new officers will cost £1.5 million.

The new officers will particularly focus on drug dealing and drug use and will work alongside Tower Hamlets Homes staff to create a joint anti-social behaviour team.

Mayor John Biggs said: “We have reached an agreement with the police for the council to invest £1.5 million to fund 14 new police officers to work across our Tower Hamlets Homes housing estates. They will take on the persistent offenders who are making life a misery for residents.

“We will not stop there either as I intend to look at funding further officers in the coming months.

“In a borough with 300,000 people living in only eight square miles there are always going to be problems but this council is committed to supporting the police to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.”

Tower Hamlets borough commander Sue Williams said: “I am delighted that additional officers will be dedicated to problem solving and dealing with anti-social behaviour within their estates.

“This demonstrates the commitment of partners to work closely with the police to achieve a safer Tower Hamlets.”

The task force are due to begin patrolling anti-social behaviour hot spots through the night from September this year.

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