The man who killed banker Oliver Dearlove with a single punch following a night out in Blackheath has been jailed.

Trevor Timon, 31, of Heavitree Road in Plumstead attacked the 30-year-old after he struck up a conversation with a group of women he was out celebrating with.

Timon told him: “If you don’t get out of my face I will knock you out.” He pushed through with his threat leaving the former Coutts banker sprawled on the ground with “catastrophic injuries”.

The women walked away from the scene but a motorist stopped to give first aid and private banker Mr Dearlove was then taken to hospital by ambulance.

He died within hours of the attack surrounded by his family.

Oliver Dearlove

Timon initially fled to Ireland but returned to hand himself in.

He pleaded guilty to manslaughter but was cleared of murder at the Old Bailey on February 22.

The court heard he had a history of violence, including punching a woman in the face in 2010 but Timon said that he hadn’t intended any serious harm.

He was sentenced at the same court to six years in prison on Friday, February 24.

In a statement Oliver’s girlfriend, Claire Wheatley, a nurse described him as "the most genuine person" and a "true gentleman".

She added: “His death was not the result of an unfortunate event such as a car accident or life-long illness but as the result of a senseless act of one individual in one moment of time, with no real meaning or justification.

"I hope that more people will realise that a person’s hands are as much of a weapon as a knife or a gun.

"What makes this much harder to deal with is that Oli’s death was preventable and I hope that that one individual realises how his actions have destroyed not only Oli’s life but the life of all those who knew and loved him."

Detective Chief Inspector Lee Watling, from the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said:“This is a tragic case where a young man has needlessly lost his life because of Timon’s uncontrolled violence. There was no reason for him to attack Oliver that night.

“They had both been out with different groups of friends, enjoying the summer weather. It is hard to comprehend how a normal day can end so sadly.

“Timon today begins his prison sentence but the suffering that Oliver’s family and girlfriend have gone through continues.”

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