Summer is officially over and it’s back to school time. It has come around quickly, and, despite a couple of setbacks - namely a two-week holiday camp cancelling on me three days before Master A was due to attend – we got through these past six weeks relatively unscathed.

Most working parents will be heaving a sigh of relief, the juggling balls and spinning plates put to one side until it starts all over again… right now.

A new school year. Another set of plates and balls to pick up. I’m already having palpitations at the very thought. I have no idea how Master A is going to cope with the transition from a summer of freedom to having to get up early, be on time, sit still, listen up and pay attention.

But, to be honest, it’s more about how I’m going to get back in to the demands of the school-run routine. It’s time to get serious again, to get back on track the finely-tuned operation that governs our daily life.

It’s time to embrace the expanded workload that comes with the new school year such as Homework Monitor, PTA Treasurer, Class Rep, Packed-Lunch Creator, Classmate Birthday Present Buyer, Carpool Member, and No.1 Cheerleader.

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=In addition, there’s the dreaded school gate to negotiate. It’s been blissful these past six weeks not having to face the other mums, not getting embroiled in the dramas that come with the different personality types who frequent the run.

Survival measures will need to be adopted. The armour will go back on. The perma-smile fixed. The polite small-talk drafted. The excuses of why I cannot meet up for coffee with the Class Bore at the ready. The Oscar-winning performance for Most Together Mum perfected.

I’ll need to have my wits about me, take note of the friendships that have folded over the holidays and those that have flourished, form the right alliances if I’m going to survive unscathed.

This when all I really want to do is pull the duvet back over my head and drift back to sleep…