Two new catamarans are to be unveiled on Monday morning (October 19) and will be the first new additions to the MBNA Thames Clippers fleet in seven years.

Galaxy Clipper and Neptune Clipper will carry 150 passengers each. They were built in Tasmania, off the coast of Australia and have been shipped more than 10,000 miles to the river Thames arriving on Sunday.

The new boats which will be among the most technically advanced fast ferries in the world with a new hull design allowing them to operate more efficiently in the strong tidal conditions of the Thames. MBNA Thames Clippers has made a £6.5million in the vessels.

They are sitting on the back of a huge freight vessel awaiting their water trial in the Thames .

CEO Sean Collins said: “The arrival of Galaxy Clipper and Neptune Clipper is not only a major milestone for our business, but also for the London transport network.

"London is in its infancy compared to other cities in the world when it comes to commuting and travelling by river and we are excited to be leading the way in making more of the River Thames as a key part of the capital’s infrastructure.”

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