Tube union RMT has demanded a full investigation into overcrowding on train platforms after a passenger was injured at Canning Town on May 26 .

The union says TfL is taking a “lethal gamble” with passengers’ lives and has demanded that TfL fully staff all control rooms.

The Jubilee line was suspended between Stratford and North Greenwich during rush-hour when a woman caught her foot between the train and the platform.

The union says the platform was “dangerously overcrowded” with people being “shunted” to safety, causing confusion and chaos. It says that a state-of-the-art control room, which could have helped, has been left “permanently unstaffed”, hitting stations along the Jubilee line, including Canning Town and West Ham.

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RMT general secretary Mick Cash said: “[This incident] should be a wake-up call to London Underground that its staff cuts programme is compromising safety and, against the background of over-crowding on a daily basis, highlights the daily risks that are confronting both passengers and staff alike.

“There must be no cover up of this incident and RMT demands a full and transparent formal investigation to establish the facts. It is patently obvious that cutting staff against that backdrop represents a lethal gamble with rail safety.

“Despite London Underground having fully functional hi-tech control rooms, with state-of-the-art equipment that warns in advance of an incident and controls communications, they have decided to close these in many places because of the cuts programme bulldozed through by the last Mayor.

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“RMT reps have been warning the company for weeks now of the lethal consequences of those cuts and those warnings are now coming home to roost.”

Chair of the London Assembly transport committee Caroline Pidgeon said: “Tube passenger numbers are at record levels and due to London’s growing population passenger numbers will continue to increase, yet at the same time overcrowding is already a severe problem on many Tube lines and especially the Jubilee Line.

“TfL need to be honest with the public and collect and publish far more information about Tube overcrowding.

“Safety of passengers must always be the top priority and that must mean having a full picture of just how serious overcrowding already is at key stations and sections of the Tube network.”

A Transport for London spokesperson said: “Incidents of passengers being injured getting on and off our trains are rare, with less than one in every four million journeys. The number of major injuries on our network is also at its lowest level in over a decade, despite the fact that we are carrying many millions more passengers.

“While the Tube is rightly recognised as one of the safest metros in the world, we are not complacent and are working hard to further minimise accidents and injuries.

"This includes introducing flashing blue lights to draw attention to the gap at Baker Street, adjusting platform edges to narrow gaps at some stations and encouraging customers to take care getting on and off trains.”

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