Counter-terrorism police are investigating after handwritten death threats were sent to three east London mosques.

One of the menacing letters set to Coventry Cross Mosque in Bromley-By-Bow, Tower Hamlets said an attack would happen “very soon”.

Tensions are already high in the borough after a spate of acid attacks- which left residents saying they are scared to walk the streets.

Forest Gate Mosque in Newham, which doubles as a primary school, has also been threatened with a letter sent containing white powder and the message saying an "explosive device" would be left there.

Both letters were signed with the initials M and S.

A third note sent to the Ramadan Mosque in Dalston, Hackney featured a hand drawn skull and crossbones

Erkin Guney, 52, leader of the Ramadan mosque told The Standard he feared an imminent attack after opening the letter which said the writer was coming to "make them pay".

He said: “I was in total shock, it was a very clear threat. Now we worry that Muslim men, women and children could be ploughed into and thrown in the air by a lorry driving into them or anything, it’s terrifying.

“It’s clear these people are programmed for hate. We now feel constantly under threat.”

Pictures of the letters have been posted online by campaign group Documenting Oppression Against Muslims (DOAM).

They show similar handwriting and a postmark from Sheffield, suggesting they were written by the same person.

A spokeswoman for the North-East Counter-terrorism Unit confirmed said: “Police received a number of reports of malicious communications and packages which have been received in recent days across London.

"Specialist officers attended these addresses and the contents of the packages were examined. In all cases, the substances were found not to be noxious or harmful.

“These incidents are now subject to an investigation coordinated by the north east counter terrorism unit with ongoing enquiries to identify the origin.

“We are looking into the possibility that the communications are linked to a number of suspicious packages and malicious communications reported at locations in London, south Yorkshire and America and are part of an ongoing investigation.”

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