The Docklands Victims Association (DVA) has joined a coalition group of people affected by Libyan-sponsored IRA attacks to strengthen its fight for compensation.

The Gaddafi IRA Semtex Victims group has been formed alongside a public inquiry by the Northern Ireland Select Committee.

The committee is looking into the role of the UK Government in seeking compensation for the victims of terror attacks made possible by the provision of plastic explosives and other weapons by the former Gaddafi regime.

Victims also want answers from the British Government as to why other nations have received compensation when they have not.

The group was formed at a meeting between MPs and terror victims at Lord Bank House, on Wednesday, November 18.

DVA president Jonathan Ganesh said: “At the meeting the MPs there promised they would lobby every MP in the country on our behalf.

“It was an historic day for us. We can’t do it individually any more. To get the Government to listen we have to work collectively – we can’t be singled out.

“We have that lobbying power to release those assets now.”