A group of teenagers have taken to canoes to help clear the Limehouse Cut of litter.

There was no messing about in boats on this watery excursion as the group from Spotlight creative hub in Poplar set about collecting 15 bags of rubbish.

The 12-strong team of 16-17-year-olds paddled their way along a mile stretch from Limehouse basin to Bartlett Park picking up items along the way including cans, two tennis rackets and a ball.

The clean-up mission on Wednesday, August 17 was organised with the Canal and River Trust – the charity that cares for the waterway – and Moo Canoes based in Limehouse Basin.

The Trust and Spotlight have partnered for the pilot project with the aim of getting more young people involved with their waterways so they can learn about the environmental importance of the water, as well as the activities and water sports it offers.

Hard at work

The trust’s youth volunteer coordinator Marlon Gibbins said: “We’re really grateful to the young people from Spotlight for coming out and helping us clean the canal. We have a really dedicated group of volunteers working with us on the stretch, but this is the first time we have worked with a local young people here in the same way.

“It was great to see their enthusiasm. The young people were particularly interested in the conservation of the waterways, asking questions about the wildlife and how we can better recycle objects that we pick out of the canal.

“It was great to see them get involved with the team from Moo Canoes too, as canoeing offers a unique opportunity to experience the waterways.

“We are in the process of developing our youth programme along the Limehouse Cut and look forward to involving young people in many of the projects along the canal here in east London.”

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