Kids teaming up with teddy for a Christmas airport adventure could well get whipped up in the festive excitement and forget their furry friend in the terminal.

Staff at London City Airport have spotted everything from puppet Sooty, the Andrex puppy and the Docklands sites’ own-branded bear left owner-less around the east London site.

Instead of being sat in the lost property department amid a collection of laptops, mobile phones and belts the airport picked out one plush pal in particular, Ted, and launched a campaign to find its owner.

And after a super response they have created website Adopt-TED to re home lost and unwanted teddies ahead of Christmas.

Anyone who wants to give a toy a new home will be able to do so in return for a donation to Beckton-based Richard House Children’s Hospice.

A spokesperson for the airport said it was like “a dogs’ home for teddies”.

“A lot of teddies face neglect this Christmas,” they said.

“Some have been forgotten about and are lost at the airport, some have been outgrown by their owners and left alone in a cold dark cupboard, while others may have been mistreated by family pets using them as chew toys.

“We hope to find new homes for all our lost bears, including a few familiar faces that would all make great Christmas presents, and raise money for charity in the process.”

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