West Ham United will not pay for certain services at the Olympic Stadium, including cleaners, catering, medical staff and some stewards when they move there in 2016.

After a ruling from the information commissioner to make details of its 99-year lease agreement public, the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) has released more details of its contract than before.

Under the section entitled “Clause 24: Staff”, it read: “The Grantor (landlord) shall at its own cost, provide or procure all necessary ticket checkers, turnstile operators, stewards within the Island and the Park, security personnel within the Island and the Park, ambulance and other medical personnel, staff for outlets, staff for restaurants and other public catering outlets, cleaning and maintenance staff and other personnel of suitable qualitication and training, in sufficient numbers to ensure the safe and efficient operation and management of the Stadium, the spectators and the public on an Event Day.”

The deal also states the club would pay extra fees if they were to win the FA Cup or qualify for the Champions League or Europa League.

It also suggests NFL games could take place at the stadium.

This information was released despite the LLDC appealing against the information commissioner’s decision on the grounds the deal contained commercially sensitive information.

Controversy originally arose around the deal when it emerged the Hammers, who will play home games in the stadium for the next century, paid only £15million of the £272million needed to make the stadium ready for Premier League football and athletics events.