Sammy the Seal’s fame has reached new heights after Canary Wharf Group (CWG) chose her as the inspiration behind the recently opened ice rink .

Sammy lives in the docks at Canary Wharf and is often found breakfasting on fresh fish, courtesy of the porters at nearby Billingsgate Market.

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She is often seen swimming about with a drain pipe in her mouth - which she apparently uses to scare away the birds from her chosen perching places. She even has her own Facebook page.

In honour of our amphibious friend, this year visitors to the rink can add a ‘sealfie’ to an interactive board that transforms skaters into Sammy, and share their pictures using #sealfie.

CWG has also introduced seal skate aids to the ice.

To mark the opening, five school children dressed in seal onesies, took to the ice and were the first to use the skate aids (which you can see in our gallery above).

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The ice rink, which opened on Saturday, October 31, features London’s only skate path and is accompanied by

The Tasting Room , which offers mulled wine and cider, hot buttered rum, cheese fondue, artisan cheese boards and charcuterie.

CWG’s head of strategic consumer communications Ajay Teli said: “We hope visitors enjoy the world’s first ’sealfie’ inspired by one of our most well-loved and playful residents. Children of all ages can make the most of the ice rink thanks to our Sammy-shaped skate aids. We are encouraging shoppers and skaters to keep an eye out for the real Sammy this winter, who we are hoping will make an appearance.”