Sunday evenings are no lazy affair for Richard Bragg - they’re spent in a sea of buds, blooms and sweetly scented petals.

The florist made his colourful debut in Canary Wharf six years ago, designing displays at Reebok Sports Club before securing further contracts with Canary Wharf Group and firms across the estate.

Now the founder of RB Floral Design and newly-launched offshoot bouquet service, Le Bloom London, can be found replenishing vases as each week ends.

“You can’t beat spring and summer flowers - they’re fantastic,” said the South African, for whom hydrangea is the petal of choice.

“It’s important to bring the feeling of the seasons out, especially because winter’s so long in this country, so we want to bring a bit of summer time to the lobbies.

“When you go to the markets and look at what’s available you get inspired.

“This week, there are single blossoms in One Canada Square - last week, they were branches and still in-bud.

“From mid April it’s cherry blossoms, depending on when they bloom, and in the summer time lots of peonies, hydrangeas and delphiniums.

“They’re colourful and you can get them in lots of purples, pinks and whites.”

Prior to his Wharf clientele, Richard catered to requests from demanding brides and a “humble” President Mandela.

The latter said he was “amazed” by traditional Protea and Strelitzia blooms bursting from colourfully-printed Venda pots to mark the politician’s inauguration ceremony in 1994.

Richard’s company now has a base in Trinity Buoy Wharf and sources flowers from New Covent Garden Market, direct from Holland.

“It’s a hard industry to be in. You’re up early in the morning, working until late, lifting heavy vases and coordinating,” he added Richard.

“You’ve got to be perfect.

“You have to taken into account its a seven day operation and get the timing right when the flowers are coming into bloom.

“But it’s rewarding when people acknowledge it and you see the impact it has.

“It’s fantastic over Christmas at One Canada Square - we do the trees - but I’m fascinated by the amount of people who come and have their photographs taken by them.

“That feels good and you know people appreciate the hard work that has gone into it.”

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