Tube drivers are the privileged few. The one per centers (my maths may be awry.) They have the power and the clout denied to others.

The immigrant lettuce pickers of Norfolk can’t strike because they’re not unionised. Care givers can’t strike because they care. Shop workers can’t strike because life's not fair.

No, the Tube drivers have got their £50,000 a year and 43 days’ holiday through a mixture of privilege, luck and hard bargaining.

They got their money because their industrial action affects public opinion and economic prosperity so their bosses come under pressure to cave.

If Joe Swiddle of Acme Fixings And Installations, who lathes the screws that holds the rail tracks to the beds went on strike, no-one would notice. So (the fictitious) Joe Swiddle is on minimum wage.

Funny how the Left appear to see this entrenched inequality as reasonable. One would have thought if they wanted to “be the change they wanted to see” they would introduce self-denying egalitarianism into their union eco-system to show the world their vision of a socialist utopia.

They would impose a stringent Privilege Levy on the Tube drivers so that comrade Joe Swiddle could share in the bounty of his powerful comrades.

But, no, the privileged few will feather their nests and hierarchical self-interest will bring Left and Right together in one comfortable accord.

And then they wonder why socialism doesn’t sell any more.