Maybe I have a mild advantage in the cycle-to-work game this week as I’ve been training for a triathlon recently (collective sigh from any of my friends who have heard me mention that now for the 2,004th time).

But (bare with me), I had never cycled through central London before despite living here nearly a decade – scared off by the seemingly constant stories about people getting crushed under tipper trucks and that our air quality is actually killing people.

So I’m new to this, which I feel gives me some vague standpoint to encourage more newbies into the cycle-to-work clan, which I’ll be honest consisted mainly of lycra-clad, 40-something fellas darting through London’s traffic in sweaty shoals.

I managed 22k between Putney and Canary Wharf on the morning of Wednesday, August 5, (cringey self-congratulatory pat on the back) and it really wasn’t that bad at all – in fact it was great.

There wasn’t as much traffic as I feared, much better cycle route provisions than I’d imagined and not one single angry, fist-shaking cabbie trying to make me Black Cab roadkill.

There were of course some negatives – being stuck trailing a bin lorry for nearly 2km was a real low point and falling into a wall while stationary was another, but don’t let that put you off.

So tomorrow, don’t descend into the commuter hell on London Overground, the DLR or London’s buses and instead smugly breeze past the drivers cursing “bloody London roads” and straight to the office.

Anyone in? Anyone..?