The ex-wife of West Ham icon Bobby Moore has admitted that she stayed in love for years after his affair led to their divorce.

Their glamorous marriage, in 1962, and the 1966 World Cup victory in London became the fabric of the Swinging Sixties and is captured in a new drama about their relationship – Tiny And Bobby on ITV .

Talking about their split after 22 years of marriage, Tina – recognised as the first “Wag” – told the Radio Times : “I was flabbergasted. The separation was horrendous.

“I was so unhappy. So, once my children were grown, I moved to Miami. But it was 10 years before I stopped being in love with him.”

Moore died in 1993 following a battle with bowel cancer, aged 51 but she said she witnessed his decline much earlier. Moore spiralled into depression after his retirement from football left him with little work and debt problems.

Lorne MacFadyen as Bobby and Michelle Keegan as Tina in ITV's new drama Tina And Bobby

They first met in 1958, when she was 15 and he was 17. “I wasn’t overly impressed at first.

“He wasn’t quite handsome, but he was good-looking, and charm personified. He never changed – always protective of myself and the children.”

After meeting him by chance on the London Underground in 1989, Tina said: “I never stopped caring for him. I was super-selective about men after him and now I’ve been with [current partner] Steve for 10 years.

“He understands me and why I talk publicly of Bobby with great love.”

Lorne Macfadyen and Michelle Keegan play Bobby and Tina in the three-part drama showing on January 13 at 9pm. It’s based on letters Tina wrote to Bobby after he left her for another woman.

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