Socialite Amber Nuttall first stepped foot on a paddle board during her childhood, venturing onto the waters of the Bahamas surrounded by an ocean reef.

This week, Londoners may spot the environmentalist tackling rather different obstacles, including shipping containers and swan attacks as Amber, 36, takes on a 236-mile challenge.

On October 11, she was waved off from the source of the river at Cirencester and has tackled 40mile stretches armed with her paddle every day since aiming to complete the route in seven days.

Her feat is in aid of the Blue Marine Foundation and will see her arrive in east London at the Thames Barrier, on Saturday.

During the journey, she is negotiating a series of 45 locks, tidal currents and the British weather.

Before leaving she said: “Coming through London feels like home – so I plan to go to take a moment to look around.

“I’ve got to do different sections when the tide is out – I can’t paddle against it – so it’s going to require a fair amount of patience.

“I remember as a child watching the Thames Barrier on TV when it opened. I’ve gone past a few times and seen the view from London City Airport but this time I will just be going slowly past.

“Little me, on a paddleboard, I am going to feel very, very small next to it but I am really looking forward to it.”

Her challenge has been months in the making, requiring numerous security briefings and extensive planning with the Port of London Authority.

She is hoping the mission will provide vital funds to help the charity turn 10% of the world’s oceans into marine parks and reserves by 2020.

And what of the post-paddleboard celebrations?

“Being thoroughly British, I will want a nice cup of tea,” said Amber. “Then, I’ll definitely open a bottle of wine – but I will need the tea first.”