The sharpness of the skating shoes at Ice Rink Canary Wharf has been called into question by a concerned visitor.

The east London mum, who did not wish to be named, took her children for a festive turn on the rink in Canada Square earlier this month.

Calling herself a “solid skater” who practices a couple of times a week during winter, she told The Wharf she thought the metal blades on the skates weren’t sharp enough.

After struggling to stand and find grip on the surface, she said she swapped boots but fared no better.

During her time on the ice she said she witnessed “all kinds of major crashes” and “absolute chaos” as staff swooped in to help those who had fallen down.

A spokesperson for Canary Wharf Group said: “A professional team has been brought in to sharpen the skates to ensure a smoother experience at Ice Rink Canary Wharf .”

Ice Rink Canary Wharf spokesperson Giles Ellwood said: We take these matters very seriously. Since taking over the ice rink four years ago, we have done everything we can to invest in the quality of every aspect of the experience to our clients.

"We have since dealt with the issue and carried out a full safety check on all of the skates.

"A professional team were brought in to analyse all the skates and isolated the few, which have since been sharpened to ensure consistency and safety.”