Six NATO ships have berthed in West India Dock after carrying out recent exercises in the North Sea.

HMS Grimsby (M108) and BNS Godetia (A960), which are in West India Dock, South Quay, are also joined by Latvian navy ship Tālivaldis (M-60), Estonian navy ship EML Admiral Cowan (M313), Norwegian navy ship Hinnøy (M343) and Dutch Navy Ship Schiedam (M860).

They are all part of Standing NATO Mine Counter Measure Group 1, which is a task group that takes part in a number of activities such as mine clearance exercises, maritime security patrols and engagement across Northern European waters and the surrounding area.

The Standing NATO Maritime Groups, are a multinational, integrated maritime force made up of vessels from various allied countries.

These vessels are permanently available to NATO to perform a variety of tasks ranging from participating in exercises to intervening in operational missions.

The EML Admiral Cowan (M313) is a Sandown-class minehunter like the HMS Grimsby and was known formerly as the HMS Sandown before she was sold to the Estonian Navy in 2007

Little is known about how long the ships will be here or why, but we do have occasional visits from these groups in West India Docks