Mayor of Newham Sir Robin Wales has welcomed the Greater London Authority’s (GLA) acknowledgement of ambitious development plans in the borough.

Speaking about the GLA’s City In The East Masterplan, Sir Robin also warned the need for improvements to infrastructure around the areas undergoing massive development.

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Taking in proposed developments around the Olympic Park and Royal Docks, the masterplan, released by mayor of London Boris Johnson in October, suggests an extra 47,000 homes and 90,000 jobs will be created in Newham in the next 20 years.

Sir Robin said: “We have always said that in the east is where London will grow next and Newham has been at the forefront of identifying opportunities for growth in housing as well as business.

“We will be working with the Greater London Authority to secure new developments around the Royal Docks area that are supported by the infrastructure needed including education, health and transport networks.

“Through our planning powers we have already secured additional educational facilities as part of the Silvertown Quay’s development in the Royal Docks and we are working with our partners in the NHS to highlight the need for additional health services.

“For many years we have been lobbying the government for additional river crossings in the east and this has been slow in coming forward. And while we expect Crossrail to open in the borough in 2017, we know there are many more opportunities to bolster the high speed rail connections to Newham with Crossrail 2 as well as additional links between HS1 and HS2.”

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The City In The East document is a comprehensive review of other plans in place in east London, while setting estimates for housing and job numbers needed in each area. It suggests a total of 203,500 homes and 283,300 extra jobs to be created in areas across the east of the capital over the next 20 years.