Loved up power couples are signs of success for The Inner Circle .

The exclusive dating website, app and series of social events boasts a hand-picked, “curated community” of like-minded singletons at its beating heart.

These include high-flying Canary Wharfers given the thumbs-up for membership after ticking boxes in screening categories ranging from academic background and career to interests and profile pictures.

Cofounders Michael Krayenhoff and unlucky-in-love David Vermeulen have created a virtual and social space for trendy creatives and elite Londoners to meet “the single friends of friends”.

Talking of members Michael said there was a focus on quality, not quantity.

“There needs to be some kind of ambition there,” he said.

The Inner Circle co founder Michael Krayenhoff

“We want to see someone who is kicking ass in life and in their profession.

“Some people are looking for people with similar lifestyles so they understand each other - like a lawyer who works long hours.

“Others like someone in completely opposite careers

“In the Inner Circle everyone has the same backgrounds and interests - that’s mainly what sets us apart.”

Those mingling at the brand’s events and online mainly range from 25 to 40-years-old, with 94 per cent or more having Bachelor’s qualifications or higher.

Fashion, finance and law are popular career sectors - and, Michael admits for women, tall males were continually in high demand.

The Inner Circle’s location service shows Canary Wharf, the City and south west London as hotspots for its members.

While they can arrange individual dates using the app there are once a month social events offering more opportunities to chat and bag a partner.

The next, on August 8, is an all-day affair at HPC The London Polo Club in Richmond.

“I looked at my friends in the corporate scene and they work crazy hours,” said Michael.

“They almost never have the time to go out, so that time is scarce.

“Having a curated community means you know everyone is like-minded and has a good story - so at least you will have a good day or night out, and hopefully more.

“It’s just like going to a bar that’s filled with like-minded people, with a relaxed environment.”

Michael met his girlfriend after spotting her at one of his favourite speakeasy bars - so proving the method behind The Inner Circle’s mission.

But his success story has been mirrored amidst the app’s members, with engagements and marriages springing from its matches.

“Every time I hear about the engagements I start jumping on the table, it’s really cool,” he added.

“There’s close friends of mine who have met their girlfriend on the website and I think the success is a really beautiful thing.”

The app is free to download on all Apple devices.