So apparently the Caprice Classic wafer is the top selling biscuit in Canada Place Mall’s Waitrose - largest one in Europe dontchaknow.

But enough free PR for the posh supermarket chain - let’s see what you think.

Cast your vote in our poll below and see where your regional biscuit tastes really lie. Always asking the important questions here at The Wharf.

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What's your favourite biscuit?

If you chose:

Tunnock’s Tea Cakes - You are more of a Scot than a Wharfer.

Bourbon Creams - Yorkshire lass or lad you are (even though the Bourbon was created in Bermondsey. True fact.)

Classic Rich Tea - You’d be better off moving to Wales or the South West.

A Malted Milk - Head to central England.

The chocolate-topped Digestive - Then Oxford or Cambridge is the place for you - although in Oxford they prefer their Digestives topped with dark chocolate, while those residing in Cambridge prefer milk chocolate.

A Kit Kat - Hop on the next train to Brighton.