London may not be the most dangerous city in the world (it’s the 18th safest in case you were wondering), but it’s still worth arming yourself with some personal safety skills.

And according to Kirsty Henderson from Personal Safety London both men and women should train in self defence.

She said: “More men book in with us for training as they see the benefits of upskilling strategically, mentally and physically. We’d like to see more women make this self commitment too.

“Canary Wharf has a large workforce travelling in and out from all regions of England and from many parts of the world.

Advice: Personal Safety London head Kirsty Henderson

“That travel and the level of business carried out requires securing. Historically that securing has been provided as wraparound care by security firms. In our modern day culture risk has changed and is far more demanding on the individual.

"As such it is important to train and upskill yourself rather than solely rely on others to reduce your risks for you.”

Canary Wharf

“Typically the work we do in Canary Wharf helps with travelling to and from work, from within the UK or internationally, carrying out business abroad or remotely as an individual and socialising safely, after work and for work.

“With this last one it is a serious issue in which most people don’t understand clearly enough how to navigate social situations, create effective boundaries, apply safe protocols or assess threat. This applies to socialising and business hospitality in the UK and internationally amongst other cultures.”

Three reasons to train in personal safety, self defence and strategic training

1. It is an investment in yourself, for life

Reduced fear = a greater capacity to enjoy life and function positively. It also creates a more optimistic outlook

2. By upskilling you increase your knowledge, awareness, capability and confidence.

Increases in confidence = directly impacts the immune system, functionality and ability to communicate successfully

3. You are more prepared

Those who are trained are less likely to experience an attack situation, are more likely to be able to spot a risk situation before it happens and have better capabilities to remove themselves before a risk scenario escalates.

If you’re interested in personal safety training speak to your HR department or company leader or get in touch with Kirsty on