21-year old Josh Babarinde has launched the Seen Maureen? campaign to find a local lady who made him a generous donation after he helped her recover from an accident in Poplar.

The Poplar resident used the gift to set up Cracked It, which teaches young people how to repair smashed iPhone screens as an entrepreneurial route away from gangs, crime and anti-social behaviour.

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Josh was walking home one January evening and came across 73-year-old Maureen Harvey lying injured on the pavement outside All Saints Church after being knocked over by someone who was drunk.

Along with other passers by, Josh contained Maureen’s wound and ensured she got the medical help she needed. Maureen took his contact details at the scene and two weeks later, he received a thank you card from her, with a cheque for £25 enclosed.

Josh said: “Maureen’s gift was totally unexpected. I was so flattered and humbled by her generosity. I really didn’t feel deserving of it; I just did what anyone else would have done.

“I vowed to use it to help prevent the very kind of anti-social behaviour and crime that Maureen was a victim of that night.”

With the gift Josh started Cracked It in partnership with social enterprise, Year Here, youth intervention charity, Streets of Growth, and phone repair company, iCracked.

He said: “Cracked It’s first graduates have made so much progress. We’re now planning a bigger and better second programme.

“I’ve been able to share news of Cracked It’s success with lots of people, but there’s still one important person who has yet to find out: Maureen.”

Use #SeenMaureen? to try to help Josh with his campaign on Facebook or Twitter or by contact him at josh.babarinde@yearhere.org if you have any information.

Go to seenmaureen.wordpress.com