A 16-year-old from east London who is believed to be at serious risk of travelling to join Isis has had her passport seized by the High Court.

The girl, who is a pupil at Bethnal Green Academy – where other pupils are believed to have travelled to Syria to become Jihadi brides – will only be allowed out the country for “approved trips” sanctioned by the Met’s counter-terrorism unit.

High Court Family Division judge Mr Justice Hayden has made the ruling directly due to the fact the girl’s four close school friends travelled to Syria in late 2014 and early 2015.

The judge heard evidence the girl in court may have been involved in steps taken by the first pupil to travel to Syria in December 2014.

The Evening Standard reported the court heard the girl was “intimately involved in certain steps taken by the girl who travelled in December, but at this stage there is no finding on how much she knew”.

The girl’s two sisters have also had their passports seized as further protection to stop her leaving the country.