The Mayor Of London has launched a campaign to end the stigma around mental health and encourage communities and organisations across the capital to work together from a park in Stepney Green.

Sadiq Khan’s Thrive LDN marks the joining together of over 200 experts, public and private organisations to lead a city-wide approach to tackling mental health issues in the capital.

The campaign will also encourage better collaboration between boroughs, health services, police, transport and voluntary sectors when dealing with mental health issues.

According the Cavendish Square Group , Londoners report a lower level of life satisfaction, well-being and feelings of self-worth than the national average and an estimated two million Londoners experience mental health problems every year.

Mr Khan said: “People in London live busy lives. They’re often away from their families and working long hours or perhaps several jobs.

“And people think it’s not the done thing to talk about mental health here. We want to end the stigma and give people the confidence to talk about their mental health.

Sadiq Khan joined a session with charity Tuff FC at the launch

“Mental health affects everyone, whether they are living in deprivation or whether they are comfortable or even wealthy.

“When I was running for election I said I wanted to be a Mayor for all Londoners, and this is something that all Londoners face and I want them all to have access to the services that can help them.

“Tower Hamlets is a good example of somewhere with stark inequalities.

“You can live in a cramped home and see from your window these office blocks where there’s lots of money and where people have well paid jobs.

“Of course that impacts your mental health.

“We need to address mental health, but we also need to address these things like deprivation and violence.

“We want to make sure people have the resources they need.”

For the launch, Mr Khan took part in a session with football-based education project The Unity Of Faiths’ Foundation Tuff FC in Stepney Green Park.

The Mayor of London shows off his football skills with Tuff FC

The secular charity works with young people across London to tackle poverty, gang violence, radicalisation, drug addiction and other social and mental issues as well as encouraging them to take part in football games.

Thrive LDN will work with schools, youth organisations and businesses as well as campaigning to end the stigma around mental health and working to try and reduce the number of suicides in the capital.

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