Fancy renting a large double room in the east London with unlimited internet and a garden for just £1 a month?

This is what Adam Mughal is offering - but there is a catch.

In order to land the five-bedroom house in Stratford you’ll need to have web or mobile development skills, and be willing to give up a good portion of your time.

The 32-year-old said he is offering the bargain to attract somebody who is willing to work part-time helping him with a web application.

He said it would suit somebody looking to combine working part-time with him and another job or studying.

Since he put the advert on Easy Roommate has he had 1,200 expressions of interest, reports the Evening Standard .

Mr Mughal said: “I don’t have the resources or the budget to hire a full-time web developer but this opportunity allows someone to stay in London where accommodation isn’t cheap and work for me part-time.

“I work in the city full-time as well so I thought this was the only real benefit I could offer to people.

“I have been bombarded with emails, it has just been crazy. Maybe this has opened a Pandora’s Box for people to offer accommodation in exchange for skills.”