Getting Master A to stay focused on a task is a huge struggle so when it comes to homework it takes a Herculean effort on my part for anything to get done.

On most occasions, I have to resort to acting like a screaming banshee to get him to the table to sit down to do any work. And, when I eventually succeed in this mission, he then gets distracted by anything that may happen to be laying around on the workspace, an envelope, penny, button, place mat...

I often think he would benefit from being in a white room, with nothing but a desk and chair, to help him stay focussed. It’s all a tad depressing. It’s come to the stage now where I no longer feel I have the energy or the patience to stand over to ensure that whatever work he is set is completed.

I’m facing a dilemma: Do I leave him alone, get him to tell the teacher why the work hasn’t been done, and watch whatever academic potential he may have wash away or do I continue to hover over him like a spectre, continually moaning at him to get on with things and in the process get so stressed that I’m liable to suffer a coronary attack?

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Neither option is particularly appealing. I mentioned my quandary to a friend.

“If it’s that bad stick him on Ritalin – it’s what all the smart mums are doing,” she said in all seriousness.

According to her she knows of several mums who have had their children assessed for ADD not for the child’s benefit but for their own; either because they want a quick-fix solution to schoolwork issues or they want to enhance their children’s concentration skills in order to boost their academic results.

It seems the days when women popped Valium to cope with the pressures of being the perfect wife and mother have gone, replaced instead with the choice of pumping their offspring with mood enhancers to create a docile and submissive child.

Working Mum, preferring to stick with the Master A model who drives her nuts than a dull and sterile Stepford Son simply going through the motions.