Was the demise of Oasis really a bad thing?

Not really, no. Not only do we get the chance to see Noel and - to a less successful level – Liam develop their own material but we also get the older brother performing at The O2.

It was a venue back in 2008 he swore Oasis would never play at because it was “too Americanised”. Now he’s with his High Flying Birds project that doesn’t seem to matter.

Accompanied by his support musicians, a brass band and a 22-strong choir from the Crouch End Festival Chorus, Noel Gallagher looked very at home in a packed North Greenwich arena.

The 47-year-old was performing off the back of the release of his second album under the High Flying Birds moniker.

Chasing Yesterday is at No.1 in its first week following release, a fact Gallagher was keen to point out at an early stage last night.

The crowd were awestruck as the Oasis star’s face beamed out of huge screens to accompany new tracks (Stranded On) The Wrong Beach and Everybody’s On The Run.

But as the cameras shifted from Gallagher to more artistic designs, crowd pleasers from his Oasis days such as Fade Away, Champagne Supernova and Digsy’s Dinner materialised.

The brass band then took the limelight for the Death Of You And Me, a visit to his new band’s first album.

A packed house of reasonably well-behaved Oasis/Gallagher fans lapped it up. Gallagher was his usual loquacious self, laughing at a punch-up near the front and pointing out how they couldn’t have been northerners or there would have been damage.

He apologised for (mis)timing his London visit on a Tuesday. “Who booked this gig?” And then dedicated a song to his wife before realising she wasn’t in her seat, so made links to her Scottish nationality and the possibility she was at the bar.

A brief break followed before he returned with Oasis hits Don't Look Back In Anger and, finally, The Masterplan.

Gallagher has continued to prove himself as a spectacular songwriter, with a powerful voice and he's not a bad guitarist either.

His performance lacks the swagger of the showman Liam and seeing them reunited on stage would be a joy if and when it finally happens.

But for now the older sibling is giving Oasis fans more of what they want.