When I think things can’t get any more warped in this world something always comes along and slaps me around the chops. It’s a little reminder that it’s no Wonderland. We are living life through the looking glass – and the reflection that’s cast is an ugly one.

Earlier this week a woman who claimed to be four months pregnant threatened to get an abortion unless her announcement got 4,000 retweets online.

The alleged mum-to-be posted a selfie on Twitter with the announcement that she was expecting a baby. She then threatened that unless she got enough shares and likes on the social media site she would be terminating the pregnancy.

The Tweet read: “4 months pregnant. 4k RTs & I won’t abort it.”

It’s not clear whether the woman is really pregnant or whether it’s a hoax but whatever the situation the truth is that it’s just plain sad.

That someone can pose such a heartless and callous threat, play God with a life simply to get exposure, five-minutes of fame… How have we as a so-called civilised society arrived at this point?

Morality has been exchanged for marketing. We see TV programmes where people get married for the sake of the cameras and then, out of sight and out of mind, the divorce inevitably follows.

Nothing is sacred. Nothing has value except for Likes and Follows and the slim chance of YouTube superstardom. When life has been hollowed out like, this reduced to a fleeting game show, you wonder how these people survive.

Well, actually, many of them don’t. A recent study shows that former reality TV show “stars” have an extraordinarily disproportion suicide rate. Were they empty before? Or after.

Reaping rewards

Needless to say, the threat has reaped dividends. The Florida-based woman has managed to exceed 4,000 retweets and currently has more than 10,000. No doubt she’ll get a surge in new followers too. For now, it would seem, her baby, real or otherwise, is safe.

But it’s not likely to stop there. She’ll see a huge increase in followers which will send her marketability through the roof.

The power of social media will see the woman likely paid thousands for her story or even land a reality TV show deal. Truth or dare…The world viewed through a fish-eyed lens.

I sincerely hope the threat is a publicity stunt and that there is no real baby. Otherwise, I think we may as well just switch off the lights now.