Religious hate crime increased by 50% in London last year.

The number incidents recorded by the Metropolitan Police jumped from 915 in 2013-14 to 1,371 in 2014-15. The trend continues a growth seen in 2013-14 when religious hate crime soared in the wake of the murder in Woolwich of Lee Rigby.

The figures were released by the Home Office on Tuesday (October 13) as Prime Minister David Cameron announced that anti-Muslim hate crimes will be recorded as a separate category.

Increase in hate crime

Home Office

Mr Cameron also announced he will provide new funding to boost security at religious buildings, as he hosted the first meeting of a new Community Engagement Forum at Downing Street.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, the Prime Minister said: “I want to build a national coalition to challenge and speak out against extremists and the poison they peddle. I want British Muslims to know we will back them to stand against those who spread hate and to counter the narrative which says Muslims do not feel British.”

It follows his impassioned speech at the Conservative Party conference when he announced an end to “passive tolerance” of extremism.

Hate crimes


Number of hate crimes in the capital 2014-15

Home Office

Elsewhere in the figures today it was revealed there were 13,899 hate crimes in the capital in 2014-15 including a 44% increase in disability hate crime in the capital over the past 12 months with the 124 crimes in 2013-14 rising to 178 in 2014-15.

Race hate crime remains by far the most common type of hate crime in the city after a 18% to 11,540 crimes in 2014-15.

Hate crimes motivated by sexual orientation rose by 28% while transgender hate crimes also rose, by 35% to 107 over the same period.