It was announced this morning that Crossrail will be renamed the Elizabeth line in honour of the Queen when it opens in 2018.

But now one woman has taken to Twitter to question who the line is really named after.

Elizabeth Line - the human version, not the £15billion train network - was keen to lay to rest any misconceptions behind the origins of Crossrail’s new name.

Writing next to a picture of the Queen accepting a commemorative Elizabeth roundel, she said: “What an amazing honor. Just wish the Queen would give it a rest with the photobombs.”

Later adding: “It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for my whole life :).

“Just trying to hold onto my 15 minutes for dear life :)”

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And it seems the rest of Twitter appreciated the joke.

Official name: Crossrail will be called the Elizabeth line in honour on the Queen

Steve Powell wrote: “You are actually amazing <3.”

And some people even offered her suggestions for a new name.

Brian Harris wrote: "You should change your name to Victoria Station."

Elizabeth, the vice president of content brand company 23 Stories, told the Evening Standard when she woke up this morning to find her name trending on Twitter she momentarily panicked.

She said: “I’m thrilled about it. Nothing like waking up to a little insta-celebrity.

“When I found out I was trending on Twitter this morning, there were a few moments of 'what did I do last night' panic but now I’m just having fun with it.”

The line also already has its own parody account - @TheLizLine.