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Royal Borough Of Greenwich

Cllr Danny Thorpe, Greenwich council deputy leader and Cabinet Member for regeneration and sustainability, said: “The Royal Borough has followed due process at all times, including seeking independent reports on specific technical areas such as air quality.

“At the time of the planning decision in 2015, the Mayor of London’s office confirmed they were satisfied with measures put in place to ensure robust monitoring of air quality.

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“The Royal Borough understands that a number of people feel passionately about Enderby Wharf. We have always sought to listen to their opinions and will now ensure that the conditions and obligations put in place by the planning board are honoured by the developer.

“The new Enderby Wharf development will see the creation of new jobs, boost tourism in the borough helping to benefit the local economy and further contribute to London and Greenwich as a leading world city.”

Campaigner Ralph Hardwick

"Everyone is disappointed at the judge's decision; but he was only establishing that the process was correct, not whether the council had failed to correctly assess emissions from a moored cruise ship.

"The judge referred to the fact that there was little reaction to the application back in 2010. However, Greenwich failed to consult any resident in Tower Hamlets, ignoring a protocol set up by planning officers. It would be interesting to know how many residents near to Enderby's Wharf were contacted in 2010 as there were not many residents in the vicinity.

"There is no doubt that Greenwich borough's Environmental Health Officer has his head buried in the sand when considering the effects of the NO2 pollution. He has hidden behind Defra guidance that only considers sulphur dioxide.

"This is demonstrated by the fact that the Greater London Authority's air quality experts confirmed that a moored cruise ship generating its own power from a 3.5MW engine will be the equivalent of 688 HGVs. Some cruise ship have three times the emissions than this; so you could be looking at 2000 HGVs' emissions. Do not forget that ships on the Thames burn diesel with 100 times the amount of sulphur than in road diesel."


Paul Stookes, of Richard Buxton Environmental & Public Law, solicitor-advocate for the claimant said: “It is disappointing that the judge has failed to grasp the fundamental legal principle that Greenwich Council was required to assess very serious nitrogen dioxide emissions that will be emitted from cruise liners together with the other sources of such emissions in the locality from many other permitted developments.

"The UK and EU legislation is very clear that the cumulation of environmental effects must be considered and the council simply failed to do that.

"It is concerning that the Council is quite content to defend a proposal that will worsen the already bad air pollution in the locality and make the local community pay the price. We are considering the judgment and are likely to advise appealing the court decision.”

"Local concerns for air quality levels continue, the simple solution is for the cruise ships to have a shore based power supply rather than have to run their engines in the middle of the river."

Limehouse and Poplar MP Jim Fitzpatrick

"I am not satisfied with the outcome. I have been trying to meet with the Minister for months but our meeting was cancelled owing to the Prime Minister’s resignation and subsequent reshuffle.

"I have however managed to secure an adjournment debate in Parliament on the matter, due to take place on September 7 where I hope to highlight my concerns and seek a response from the Minister."

Mayor of London

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has announced he is introducing air quality alerts at bus stops, Tube stations and road-sides across the capital to notify Londoners during the worst incidents of air pollution.

He said: “I am doing everything within my power as Mayor to put the health of Londoners first. I hope that these alerts will become less and less frequent as we take steps to make our already great city a cleaner place to live, work and study in.”

Many Enderby Wharf apartments feature views across The Thames

London City Cruise Port

A spokesman for the London City Cruise Port said: "As Interested Parties in the recent Judicial Review claim against the Royal Borough of Greenwich in connection with the Enderby Place planning permission, the scheme developers Enderby Riverside Limited and Enderby Isle Limited note the judgment issued by Justice Collins following the Hearing on July 12 and13 allowing the continued regeneration of Enderby Wharf in accordance with the planning permissions granted for the site."