Delighted at cycle crossing

London Assembly transport committee chair Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly transport spokesperson, said: “Having long supported and campaigned for the Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf pedestrian and cycle bridge I am delighted that the Mayor is now committed to accelerating this project.

“This is London’s most needed river crossing. It will enable thousands of people to cross the Thames by bike or foot in a part of London where it practically impossible to do so at present.

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“I cannot think of any other proposed river crossing that will deliver such huge benefits for so little public money. The bridge will also play a critical role in reducing pressure on the overcrowded Jubilee Line, especially between Surrey Docks and Canary Wharf.

“I also welcome the Mayor’s commitment to extending the DLR to Thamesmead and his pledge to assess the case for Barking to Riverside-Abbey Wood London Overground crossing.

“I am however disappointed that the Mayor is still obsessed with a new Silvertown Tunnel. However he attempts to tinker with this project it will ultimately generate huge amounts of more traffic on London’s roads and in the long term lead to more congestion and air pollution.

“Extending the Bakerloo Line into South East London is a far more important priority than building a new tunnel for road vehicles.”

Dumping ground for pollution

The City behind London's pollution cloud

No To Silvertown Tunnel chair Anne Robbins said: “For Sadiq Khan to call this a ‘greener Silvertown Tunnel’ hides the fact that Greenwich and the Royal Docks would become a dumping ground for the south of England’s congestion and pollution,”

“He talks a good game when it comes to pollution and congestion in central London, but communities in east and south east London clearly don’t seem to matter as much. They will be living with even worse traffic and poorer air.”

“Khan promised a full review of the tunnel, but has made no attempt to reach out to those who’ll have to live with the consequences if his scheme is given the go-ahead.”

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Rooted in supporting growth

Acting managing director of planning at Transport for London Alex Williams said: “London’s population continues to grow and it’s vital that we do everything we can to support this to ensure that everyone can continue to move around freely and easily.

“The Mayor’s new vision for river crossings in East London is firmly rooted in supporting growth and providing better public transport links for all. We will now work hard to develop the designs for these new crossings, as well as identify potential funding opportunities, to allow them to be constructed more quickly.”

Unlock economic potential

Infrastructure director at London First David Leam said: “Better river crossings will help unlock the economic potential of east and south east London and connect thousands of new homes in Newham, Barking, Greenwich and elsewhere.

"We’re delighted the Mayor has sped up these plans, aiming to deliver new ways of getting across the river within the next five to 10 years.”

Bridging the gap

Xavier Brice, chief executive officer at Sustrans said: “We’re excited that the new administration has taken its first steps to bridging the gap between the journeys Londoners make and the healthy journeys by bike and foot that Londoners need.

“Delivering world class infrastructure is never easy, but it’s what this great City deserves. Together, all of us responsible for delivering transport infrastructure in London, need to work tirelessly to ensure the Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf bike bridge is delivered in a timely and cost effective manner, bridging the gap between great idea and efficient delivery."

Worry over funding

City Hall's Conservative transport spokesman Keith Prince said there was a “worrying lack of detail” over funding.

“Sadiq Khan’s fare freeze and other ill-advised policies have left TfL’s finances in dire straits – there is no back up funding for these vital transport links, which puts them on pretty weak foundations.”

Central to success

Chamber chief executive Colin Stanbridge

London Chamber of Commerce chief Colin Stanbridge said: “For years LCCI has advocated more Thames fixed river crossings to improve north south connectivity and reduce congestion on the local road network.

“The need to improve the capital’s transport infrastructure is central to London’s future economic development and success.

“And with London growing eastwards, the construction of a new road tunnel between Silvertown and north Greenwich is vital, not only to relieve congestion but also to unlock housing potential in the area.

“However one new tunnel will not solve the problem for good. We need the Mayor to capitalise on this sensible step by taking an even bolder leap and giving the green light to further fixed river crossings more widely in East London."

Terrible news

Friends of the Earth London campaigner Sophie Neuburg said: “The Mayor’s support for this road crossing [Silvertown] is terrible for the local community. Far from being green, extra traffic from the new road tunnel would mean worse congestion, and more pollution in this part of London.

“Sadiq Khan won’t keep his pledge to tackle London’s deadly air pollution by funneling more vehicles into the capital.”

DLR extension welcome

Stephen Locke of London TravelWatch said: "A new extension of the DLR to Thamesmead is a very positive development. We also warmly welcome the idea of a new bridge for pedestrians and cyclists between Rotherhithe and Canary Wharf.

"It is important to ensure that transport links keep up with plans for new housing - a critical issue for east London but vital for the rest of the capital too. We look forward to seeing the detailed plans."

Extremely disappointed

Bridget Fox, sustainable transport campaigner at Campaign for Better Transport, said: “We are extremely disappointed that the Mayor has decided to press ahead with the Silvertown Tunnel, which will spread congestion and worsen already lethal air pollution. It’s doubly disappointing given his recognition of the potential of new rail and cycle crossings to link communities across the Thames.

“We are however glad to see the Mayor calling into question the need for further road crossings at Belvedere and Gallions Reach as we have long called for these proposals to be scrapped.”