A travel service which says travelling by private jet can cost the same as business class is soon to launch from London City Airport .

Jet Class is set to begin offering non-stop private flights out of the Royal Docks airport to Brussels, Nice and Zurich from the start of July.

The jets, which carry no more than eight passengers per flight, do not have a set flight schedule. Instead, Jet Class says a “smart schedule” calculates when certain routes will be popular and adapts to the needs of the market based on data from booking platforms, travel agencies and global distribution systems.

There is no set rate for tickets, but Jet Class claims flights will cost the same or less than an average business class ticket on a commercial airline.

Each jet flies no more than eight passengers

Jet Class chief executive and co-founder Wagas Ali said: “Anyone travelling business class can see that the service is getting poorer.

“We are launching Jet Class not as an alternative but as a completely new approach to flying business!”

Mr Ali and his business partner and co-founder, Vladislav Zenov, also own the company Charter Scanner which allows travellers to charter a private jet from their mobile phone.

Jet Class does not require a joining fee, and customers will get to avoid the main terminals and relax in a private lounge before take off.

For more information, visit the Jet Class website .

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