A man was talked down by a police negotiator after climbing Tower Bridge in the early hours of Wednesday morning (June 22). His figure was silhouetted against the night sky which was bright on the longest day.

He was seen calmly walking up the metal frame and officers from the Wapping-based Marine Unit attended, along with other police teams to persuade him to come down from his 30ft ledge.

He spent more than two hours walking, and sitting on the supports of the bridge. He even lit up cigarettes, officials said. Roads around the bridge were closed.

A spokesman for the RNLI said: “When we arrived, the guy was on the south side of the bridge on arch number three. He was walking on the steelwork.

“He didn’t seem agitated. He would stand still, would sit down and had several cigarettes over the two hour period.”

City of London Police said: "City of London Police officers and the Metropolitan Police Service Marine Policing Unit were called to Tower Bridge after a man in his 40s was seen to climb the structure of the bridge.

"A police negotiator attended the scene. At 4.33am the man came down. He was taken to an East London hospital for medical assessment and has been detained under the Mental Health Act."