Since it was released in July, Pokemon Go has been everywhere as people fiercely swipe at their phones to catch the mini monsters.

Canary Wharf has been no exception, with a number of Pokemon spotted watching workers go about their business.

It comes as no surprise many of the creatures in and around the Docklands estate are water types, with the docks and Thames nearby.

Psyduck was caught by Blackwall Basin

For example, Staryu has been seen hanging out on the footbridge near Starbucks by Rocket, while a flapping Magikarp was caught by the temporary beach volleyball court in Montgomery Square.

Psyduck was seen hanging out with the geese at Blackwall Basin but ghost-type Gastly bucked the water trend as he floated close to oblivious Wharf workers outside the south entrance to One Canada Square.

Paras was even spotted in the offices of The Wharf.

The front of Starbucks near Rocket yielded a Staryu

There are several well known Canary Wharf landmarks that have been transformed into Pokestops, which can attact Pokemon for up to 30 minutes if a player uses a lure module.

Popular Pokestops are the Blade Of Venus in One Canada Square, Big Blue by Ron Arad at Canada Square Park, the Canary Wharf Clocks at Reuters Plaza, Thomson Reuters and Canary Wharf Tube station.

Magikarp was flapping around by the beach volleyball courts at Montgomery Square

For those players more into the training aspect of the game, there are a number of Pokemon gyms in the district awaiting challenges.

These are located close to the KPMG building , the Canary Wharf DLR Station and in Montgomery Square.

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