Plans for a Tesco Express and office space inside The Forge at Westferry Road have provoked criticism from residents and conservationists alike.

The proposal for the Isle of Dogs warehouse, which was built in the mid-19th century as an iron shipbuilders’ forge, is currently being considered by Tower Hamlets Council's development committee.

Councilors deferred a decision last week due to complaints from residents and will now visit the site on the Isle of Dogs.

Objections to the proposal, among which was an 815 strong petition, included concerns there were already too many Tesco stores on the Island.

Proposal for the Tesco Express inside The Forge

Meanwhile, experts from the Greater London Industrial Archaeology Society said the plans were "awkward" and the "aesthetic qualities of the building" would be damaged.

The Forge Investment Properties said up to 20 jobs will be created by the conversion of the Grade II listed building into a Tesco Express.