Silicon Roundabout should be on the frontline of the war against radicalisation.

Former independent reviewer of anti-terror laws Lord Carlile says the Government should pick the brains of tech experts to counter the slick online expertise of Islamic State.

He told the London Assembly police and crime committee: “If you sit on the Old Street roundabout within 100m there are probably 100 experts, mostly very young, who can really provide some inspiration.

“Create games, literally, in which the good guys win and you’re on way to doing something useful.

“The same skills that enable Amazon to persuade me that, when I order a book that I really want the one at the bottom of the screen as well, can be used for counter-radicalisation.

“We have a great ungoverned space and at the moment the running is being made by radicals.”

Asked whether social media companies, such as Facebook and Twitter, should be taking playing more of a role, the former Lib Dem MP said: “Their attitude is ‘if nation states want to tell us to do things in a certain way they can pass laws we will then obey those laws’.

“We can assume communication companies will co-operate as long as we make them co-operate. I don’t think it’s realistic to expect more of those companies than that.

"They are trying to make value for their shareholders; that’s their governing responsibility.”