A big pink container has been plonked outside Canary Wharf Tube station as part of a drive towards ethical investments.

Investment company Abundance has launched its Consequences campaign - co-created with Ambient Media and Kinetic Worldwide and delivered through independent media agency the7stars.

The slogan ‘Consequences – the least used word in the investment world‘ will also be seen on screens around the estate with the message; “what’s big and pink and will make you think about how you invest?” to support Abundance’s drive for ethical investments.

Oli Tame at the7stars, said: “We’re really excited to be involved in such an unusual and dynamic project. Thanks to the hard work of Kinetic and Ambient media we have come up with a genuinely original out-of-home solution which really strikes at the core of what Abundance stands for as a brand, while advances in digital targeting have allowed us to run one of our most tailored campaigns ever.”

Abundance’s co-founder and managing director, Bruce Davis, said: “After three successful and thought-leading campaigns we asked the7stars for an idea that would leave our competitors trailing in our wake and their team delivered a creative solution that not only takes crowdfunding to the next level, but which also makes a powerful ethical statement at a time when the industry as a whole is grappling with the problem of regaining public trust.”