One of the four petitioners who ousted Lutfur Rahman as mayor of Tower Hamlets is standing in the recalled election on June 11.

Mr Rahman was removed from office last week after a damning verdict from Richard Mawrey QC at the High Court, which voided the election.

“Its not going to be ‘business-as-usual’ ever again at Tower Hamlets Town Hall,” said Mr Erlam. “The entire local government machine needs to be transformed and with government commissioners in place, it’s the chance of our lifetimes to change everything for the better.

“If elected I will shut down East End Life, the Pravda of Rahman, end the 'cult of personality' at the town hall and investigate and change every aspect of the council with the many good officers who I know have been frustrated and blocked for years.”

The campaigner, who will be backed by Red Flag - Anti-Corruption, a new political party that led the Election Petition which the High Court ruled on last week.

It is also believed George Galloway could stand in the Tower Hamlets mayoral election if he loses his parliamentary seat of Bradford West in the general election.