A petition has been launched calling on the Mayor of London to put a stop to “indiscriminate” development on the Isle of Dogs.

Residents have asked Sadiq Khan to review all planning permission and “dangerous” construction road blockages they say make their lives a misery.

Campaign leader Serena Fersch who has lived on the island for 14 years and said: “The construction is just crazy and we don’t understand who is the hand behind it.”

The mother-of-one called into question planning permission granted during the time of disgraced former Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman, such as the controversial City Pride tower now called Landmark Pinnacle.

“In my mind you can’t oust someone for corruption and then uphold all the decisions of his regime,” said the 39-year-old.

The Isle of Dogs viewed from a helicopter

Current mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs agreed the density of development on the Isle of Dogs was a “serious concern” but said there was little that could be done to reverse decisions already made.

“The previous Mayor’s approach meant developments were effectively waved through without any real scrutiny or care for their impact,” he said.

“I have changed that approach but there is sadly little that can be done to change what happened under the previous mayor, once planning permission is granted, it is very hard to take back.”

He formally recognised the Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood Planning Forum in April which gives residents a voice in planning decisions and it has already flexed it’s muscles against a 56-storey tower in South Quay.

Tower Hamlets mayor John Biggs

But Serena said it still felt like residents’ concerns were being ignored.

She said: “We think someone needs to take a good look at this borough. Tell us why no-one listens to us. And tell us what to do to be heard.”

Her petition already has 310 supporters including Raymond Lee who said: “I am sick and tired of the number of developments, especially high rise buildings that are being approved without taking into consideration the existing infrastructure and whether it is able to cope with the demand.”

Iana Lobova said the road blockages and lack of adequate crossings made it dangerous for her to cross roads with a baby in a buggy.

While others said it felt like development was being approved with “no consideration” of residents.

Conservative cllr Andrew Wood of Canary Wharf ward, who was a driving force behind the creation of the neighbourhood forum, said: “I would ask Sadiq to pay more attention to what’s happening on the Isle of Dogs.

“The key is to get a balance between the quantity of development and the quality of life. At the moment it is just quantity.”

He is concerned about the lack of a masterplan for the Island, which he said had more development than any other part of London.

“Planning applications are increasing. There are lots going through the system. I know of at least 10 on the Isle of Dogs off the top of my head.”

Councillor Andrew Wood of the Canary Wharf ward in Tower Hamlets

A spokesman for Sadiq Khan said he had no statutory powers to review planning applications that have previously been granted planning consent but was working with the council, the GLA and TfL on developing an Opportunity Area Planning Framework for the Isle of Dogs and South Poplar and residents would be consulted on it.

He said: “The Mayor will ensure the delivery of this infrastructure is embedded within the vision for the area. The concerns of residents are important to this process.”

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