The mystery of a peacock which has taken up residence in an Isle Of Dogs courtyard is yet to be unravelled.

Several theories as to where it flew in from have been put forward but so far no one has claimed the feathered visitor.

The eye-catching bird showed up two weeks ago and caused a flap among residents of Luralda Wharf in Saunders Ness Road.

The RSPCA were called out and gave it a full bill of health but said they would not remove it as it was not in distress.

It has been spotted again this week sleeping on the garage roofs at the property and is thought to still be in good health.

The nearby Mudchute Park And Farm has confirmed it does not belong to them and locals have been trying to solve the riddle of where it has come from so they can return it home.

Suggestions of where it may originate from include Newby Place vicarage, opposite All Saints Church in Poplar and Maryon Wilson Animal Park in Charlton.

Another reader suggested the male peacock had become confused while looking for the Love Island location.

Let’s hope this feathery tale has a happy ending.

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