Cutting-edge facial recognition software became a haunting part of a ground-breaking awareness campaign last week.

To mark International Women’s Day on Sunday, a charity placed a stark image of a woman’s face, battered and cut by domestic violence stares blankly at passers-by from The Screen in Reuters Plaza.

“Don’t turn a blind eye” went the message. And those who looked up at Rankin’s photograph helped heal the injuries. For a camera perched on top of the billboard recognised the glances – and the more the poster yielded, the quicker the wounds cleared up.

At the bottom of the display, a livefeed panel displayed images of onlookers, drawing more eyes to the woman, while anyone close by received a text message encouraging them to donate.

Women’s Aid chief executive Polly Neate said: “Often people don’t want to see domestic violence or do something about it because it feels too difficult or they’re worried what they do won’t have any impact. They turn a blind eye because of this, leaving women isolated and making it even harder for them to get help.

“We want to show that everyone can help, by noticing it, by donating to Women’s Aid, and to making sure their communities don’t tolerate the sexist attitudes that lead to abuse. That’s what we hope to achieve with this advert.”

The award-winning campaign, for Women’s Aid, was premiered at Canary Wharf by advertising agency WCRS.