A judge has said the parents who radicalised their daughter against non-Muslims have done as much harm to her as child molesters.

The 16-year-old, her two sisters and her mum and dad were arrested earlier this month at their Bethnal Green home by officers from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command unit.

The Daily Mail reported that it emerged at a High Court hearing on Friday, August 21, that the girl will be removed from her parents care after it was discovered their home was filled with Islamic State propaganda, bombmaking guides and pictures of beheadings.

The straight A student had tried to travel to Syria in December, but was intercepted on a Turkey-bound plane at Heathrow, while on her way to become a jihadi bride. She also had lectures on her computer inciting armed attacks on non-Muslims.

Throughout investigations her parents appeared to cooperate with police and said they were doing all they could to stop their children reading extremist literature - yet the court heard this was “a consummately successful deception”.

Mr Justice Hayden said: “Putting the child into care - I can see no way in which her psychological, emotional and intellectual integrity can be protected by her remaining in this household. The farrago of sophisticated dishonesty of the parents makes this entirely unsustainable.”

Referring to cases of sex abuse, the judge added: “The violation contemplated here is not of the body but it is of the mind - it involves harm of a similar magnitude.”